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FWH is a manufacturing and solutions company who has been building mobile medical units and medical rail coaches for Africa and has a network in Africa with various interested African countries.

The main cause for not being able to assist these countries are because of their financial situations, making it difficult for these countries to fund these units on their own as medical equipment is very expensive globally.

The World Bank and other funding companies do not give countries funding for projects like these because of the trend of corruption and misuse of funds in various African countries meaning that the people of these countries do not get the benefit. 3rd party companies are used to get the need and the solutions for the countries and the countries only get the full solution and products so that its citizens can benefit.

FWH has been involved with the remote consultation and diagnoses programs through communication self-sustainable communication centers that makes it possible to use doctors from anywhere in the world to diagnose and prescribe medicines.

Our vision is to take medical healthcare to all patients, providing coverage from deep within rural areas to urban areas, through the optimal and scalable use of advanced technology. FWH envisages the enablement of patient access to medical diagnoses and follow up healthcare plans from qualified medical doctors, with the assistance of healthcare promoters. Combining self-sustainable medical facilities with communications only funding is needed to make the necessary change in the health of Africa.