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Leading manufacturer of purpose-built mobile medical units for universal deployment.

Friends With Health Assist Africa specializes in the manufacturing of mobile medical clinics that are purpose built for a multitude of deployment methods such as rail, road vehicles as well as alternative methods of service delivery. FWH Assist Africa has supplied mobile medical units and medical rail coaches for clients across Africa. Our units are designed and manufactured to be contained within rail coaches or a number of different vehicles as well as stationary but mobile units for deployment to communities that are not accessible by road, or for when rail deployment is preferred.

We work with dedicated and trusted partners to ensure that the units have power and water supply, whether that involves using local, on-site infrastructure or providing generator and water facilities when needed. FWH Assist Africa also supplies infrastructure for self-sufficient medial chambers, solutions for medical facility support and remote medical consultations and diagnosis. By combining self-sustainable medical facilities with communications, only funding is needed to support us in making the necessary change to the health of Africa.


While conducting feasibility studies for our mobile rail coach units, it became apparent that there is a need for completely self-sufficient medical chambers.


FWH Assist Africa is currently developing a medical rail solution consisting of 18 coaches. This project will be completed in 3 phases.


In the course of designing our mobile units, it became apparent that there is also a need for support services.


FWH Assist Africa is involved with the remote consultation and diagnoses programs through self-sustainable communication centres…


Our mission is to create global mobile healthcare solutions to serve communities that are challenged by a lack of local healthcare infrastructure through the design, manufacture and deployment of customer specific mobile medical solutions that are affordable and accessible.


Our vision is to bring medical healthcare to all patients, providing coverage from deep within rural areas to urban areas, through the optimal and scalable use of advanced technology. FWH Assist Africa aims to enable patient access to medical diagnoses and follow up healthcare plans from qualified medical doctors, with the assistance of healthcare promoters.